Hunger comes in many different forms....and I've learned about the many different faces of hunger. No one should go hungry. Please join my mission to feed anyone and everyone needing a meal. Do you know someone that fights hunger? Please contact me so I can add them to my list of stops! 
A calling......that God leads me to answer. 

The latest in what homelessness looks like:
The Top 10 Reasons for Homelessness
20% Not enough income
17% Unemployed
16% Domestic Abuse
12% Family Problems
10% Eviction
8% Divorce
8% Other/Undisclosed/Medical
4% Mental Illness
3% Foreclosure
2% Abandonment

Meet Chef Jen

Chef Jennifer Gause is a Chef, Nutritionist, Teacher, Yogi, Kickboxer, and Runner. She has lived in the DFW area her entire life. She created the Food Truck concept as a means of reaching more individuals needing a good meal! Please join her in fighting hunger!
"Jesus blessed a young boy's lunch of bread and fish to feed the masses - I have faith that Bethesda's House of Mercy 'on wheels' will be blessed too" - Chef Jen
My First Summer Intern!
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